Thursday, 21 January 2010

Family Finance Tips

I have always meant to put simple family finance tips in this blog but so far I haven't and that is very bad of me.. So now, I will try to do the 'right thing'.. :-)

One of my excuses was that I was waiting for the 'more knowledgeable' author to start posting about finance in this blog, but as he is still swamped with other assignments (the real ones from work), I have to stay patient about his involved in this blog..

My other excuse is that I don't know how far I can help you, since my knowledge is widely based on personal experience, as I am not a finance practitioner -although I do have an accounting degree.

Anyway.. trying to help is always better than doing nothing, and I am confident that you will consult more than one party/source in the process of making a fully-informed decision so, here it comes.. my first family finance tips.. (more will be coming in the future).

Have a nice day!

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