Thursday, 25 February 2010

Interesting articles..

Knowledge can be found every where.. and we should never stop looking for it..

Is it an excuse I am using to stop writing my own articles and start translating others' to post in this blog?

Absolutely NOT!

The truth is.. I come across interesting blog posts written by other writers every day.. and some of those articles are discussing interesting (and important) topics that never come across my mind..

Therefore, I believe that I should share it with all of you.

Whenever I post a translated article, I will always properly cite the relevant sources for the articles that I translate, so that all readers can benefit from the articles. However, I will be honest from this point, that I will not translate the original article per word.. instead, I will take parts of the article which are relevant to the situations in Indonesia.

As always, I look forward your comments and suggestions to improve this blog..

Thank you and have a nice day :-)


  1. Oh, good !. we are waiting for your " New Style " Articles.......But, please don't stop your own article . You have so many ideas, can share with us. I like what you 've written,about children, education etc.

  2. Don't worry, Mother..

    I will always write because I love to write.. especially about family (children, education, family finance)..

    I only think that I should share the interesting and useful information I found from other sources with other people too.. ;-)


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