Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lomba Blog Depok - Top 10 -

Tulisan yang sama, dalam Bahasa Indonesia

I didn't make it to the TOP 10! But I'm not disappointed at all because through this event, I have met many great bloggers and it means so much more to me than winning the competition.. :-)

However.. Mother made it to the TOP 10! And she is rounding everyone up to vote for her.. well, I AM rounding everyone up to vote for her.. ;-)

Don't vote blindly.. Go to her BLOG

and read her POST that is in the TOP 10..

Then, you can VOTE for her in the competition website.

Mother's post being competed under the group 'IBU RUMAH TANGGA' and her post title is "B.H. Yess." It is shown like this on the voting list:

By voting for mother's post, you are not only supporting her to win the competition, but also supporting the activities of the Senior Citizens Group 'Dahlia Senja.' Mother always posts activities of the group on the blog. So far, the blog has intrigued the interests of the local government and elderly care support organization. Your visit will spread the interests further and hopefully will bring new and brighter future of elderly care program in our country.
Happy voting!

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  1. Wah lagi ada lomba bloging ya, pengen ikutan tapi sayangnnya bukan orang depok nih... hehhe.

    Oh iya trimakasih kunjungan ke Blog saya, salam kenal ya. Komunikasi inggrisnya bagus nih, jadi kepikiran juga menjadikan blog saya berbahasa inggris. heheheee..

    oh iya udah ada ulasan lebih lanjutnya tentang X8 monggo di baca. Mugkin bermanfaat.


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