Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Indonesia Visit Museum Year 2010

Yes, that's right. This year is Indonesia Visit Museum Year.

It just happened that our sons, Ariq and Aza love going to the museums. There are a lot of museums in Indonesia, you can always start your museum journal with the ones located in your city.

We visited four museums last week and here is the journal of our visit to the first two; The National Museum and The Museum of Jakarta History.

If you are worried that your children will be bored during the visit, you can rest assured that they will not! Children WILL have fun with everything they experience. It always amazes me how my sons are having great times at the museums, as if they were having a field day at Timezone.. ;-)

Here is the link to our journal..  Museum Visit.. :-)

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  1. My children used to love visiting museums, too (and still do, although they're all grown up now). But when I was small (about a hundred years ago!) museums were very dry and boring. Things have improved dramatically.


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